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Himalayan White Water Challenge

by Default admin account on 24-Nov-13 06:35
Himalayan White Water Challenge (HWWC)-2015 Himalayan White water Challenge 2015 with an aim of promoting general tourism along with promoting rivers of Nepal as the World's Best Destination for White Water Rafting & Kayaking! as well as Save the Rivers for Tourism.

Inflatable Kayak lunch in Nepalese river

by Default admin account on 30-Dec-10 04:30
We would like to hearty welcome on this Grand Succeed Inflatable Kayak trips in Sunkoshi River. First of all I would like to thanks to all the participating team for their participation myside and on behalf of Mountain River Rafting Pvt. Ltd- (MRR) a Company which has provided logistic support for grand success of commercial Inflatable kayak, organized & partnership by a professional team OTT (Orange Torpedo Trips) from USA and Mountain River Rafting, Nepal jointly on the Sunkoshi River - 07 Nights 08 Days commenced from 24th to 31st Oct 2013. The Sunkoshi river is one of the top ten best rivers for white water Rafting / Kayaking Trip in the world, So undoubtly Nepal is the Best destination for whitewater adventure.