Inflatable Kayak lunch in Nepalese river

Mountain River Rafting – Nepal & USA- Jointly Organized. Press Meet on the topic of Introducing a new water Sports Instruments in Nepal. November, 01, 2013 Hotel Budha Thamel, Kathmandu.

Press Release 

To All Guests, participants, Journalist friends, Ladies & Gentleman- Namaste!!! 

We would like to hearty welcome on this Grand Succeed Inflatable Kayak trips in Sunkoshi River. First of all I would like to thanks to all the participating team for their participation myside and on behalf of Mountain River Rafting Pvt. Ltd- (MRR) a Company which has provided logistic support for grand success of commercial Inflatable kayak, organized & partnership by a professional team  OTT (Orange Torpedo Trips)  from USA and Mountain River Rafting, Nepal jointly on the Sunkoshi River - 07 Nights 08 Days commenced from 24th  to 31st  Oct 2013. The Sunkoshi river is one of the top ten best rivers for white water Rafting / Kayaking Trip in the world, So undoubtly Nepal is the Best destination for whitewater adventure.

Mountain River Rafting is always keen on exploration & identification of water adventure tourism product in Nepal for business promotion and development of Adventure tourism in Nepal. Having a professional partner company like for the trip has been a great pleasure.

In addition, I would like to remind that “Nepal is one of the best destinations for all kind of waters sport and adventure sports”.  We will be proud to work in future and shall be happy to work with company like you who brought such type of inflatable kayaks in Nepal and we must say it was another opportunity to succeed in development and tourism business promotion in Nepal.

Inflatable Kayak in NEpal

We have various adventure product like white water Rafting, Kayaking, canoeing in Nepal. But inflatable kayak is first time introduced new Instruments in Nepal.  thus Inflatable Kayak is another water related product in Nepal. Such product have been popular in other countries  like America , Europe, Asian country especially in easy type of river and even in sea.   

 Finally, I would like to personally congratulate all participate especially Mr. Eric Weiseth, General Manger of Orange Torpedo Trips -OTT and his team who contributed a lot in terms of time, effort and ideas for overall management all the way from USA to Nepal with his clients and staffs regular follow up of the program, partnership with Mountain River Rafting.

It was not an easy job. We must extend our big thanks to OTT - USA team for making this event a grand success. We will try to carry other new water sport Instrument in the future as well. Hoping to work together in near future with much opportunity with new water sport Instruments, more success, new innovative showing our professionalism in Water sports adventure in Nepal.

Thanking you,


Mr. Tej Bahadur Jarga

MD, Mountain River Rafting

Treasure - Nepal Association of Rafting Agencies (NARA).

1st November 2013