Other Activities

Though we specialize in rafting and kayaking known as whitewater adventures on Nepal's beautiful rivers. Beside this, we also offer cycling tours and sightseeing services around the Kathmandu Valley and beyond in association with our sister concern, High Mountain Wave Trekking, For Tibet Trekking Tibet Information, For Moter Biking Himalayan Offroad Adventure. These programmes are designed by us in consultation with qualified teachers from the international community.

Cycling tours

We also organize cycling tours around the Kathmandu Valley and beyond. Cycling is a great way to travel around Nepal and it is becoming increasingly popular. Why not try some biking after you have been on one of our trekking and rafting trips?

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Sightseeing tours

We are pleased to arrange sightseeing trips for you in and around the Kathmandu Valley. Nepal boasts a rich sightseeing from mountain flight cultural diversity, and it is well worth exploring the region. If you only have a short time in Nepal, our tours will make sure you get the most out of your trip.

Favorite destinations for visitors are Bhaktapur, where it is possible to see local potters at work, Nagarkot, for wonderful sunrises and mountain views, Swayambhunath (monkey temple), Patan Durbar Square and Kathmandu Durbar Square, but we can design programs to meet your own requirements and budget. We can take you to all the popular tourist attractions, but also our knowledge of the area around the Kathmandu Valley ensures that we can take you to less known, but equally interesting and culturally rich places.

All our sightseeing excursions are conducted by experienced guides who speak and understand English very well. Guides for non-English speakers can also be arranged.

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Educational programmes

A trip to Nepal is a rewarding and educational experience for students from any country. As such, we specialize in offering educational programmes. Our programmes are designed in consultation with qualified teachers from the international community to meet the individual needs of the participating students.

We will work with you in developing an education programme that meets the precise needs of the students of your institution. We can also arrange all your accommodation, airport pick-ups and transport to and from activities.

We believe in providing educational experiences in which students develop their own personal and intrapersonal skills, in a safe and secure environment. A selection of challenging and exciting activities can be especially adapted to meet the needs of your students. All our guides speak English and have experience working with students in outdoor activities. They are also trained in CPR, first aid and advanced river rescue techniques.

Mountain Flight

Though Mountain Flight is enjoyed by thousands all year round through us. We have seen and discovered and would strongly recommend the time period from February, March, April, September, October & November as prime time to enjoy the mountain flights. There are private airlines company operating regular Mountain flight like: Buddha Air,Tara Air, Yeti Airlines, Sita Air, Shangrila Air, Gorkha Air and many more ...

Hiking in Nepal

Nepal is famous for its wonderful mountain scenery, and the best way to see it, is to trek it! It is a common Landscape misconception that the most rewarding treks are the longer ones. In fact, stunning views, excellent trekking routes and diverse cultures can all be found on short treks not far from the Kathmandu Valley. If you are limited by time or budget, these treks are excellent opportunities to see more of Nepal.

We offer a variety of short treks, many of which can be completed in just one or two days. Our trekking guides provide informative coverage of all treks, routes, peoples encountered and local festivals and customs. We can also arrange porters if required.

However, you don't need to embark on a trek in order to see Nepal's stunning scenery; fine views can usually be found wherever you are, on the river, inside the National Parks or even on the road en-route from one place to another.

Ultra Light Aircraft Flights

Ultralight aircraft flights offer a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of Pokhara Valley and the surrounding mountains. The flight is offered beginning September through June. The flights take place from sunrise to 11 a.m. and from 3 p. m. to sunset every day during these months. In the half-hour flight, one can fly over Pokhara city, Phewa Lake, Sarankot hill and get as close to the Mt. Fish Tail as it is possible. Another option is the exploration of the Annapurna range from 12,000 feet or higher in an hour. Pokhara is easily accessible from Kathmandu and other major cities. Tourist facilities are also easily available here.

Bungy Jumping

Bungy JumpingThe ultimate thrill of bungy jump can be experienced in Nepal at one of the best sites in the world. Nepal’s bungy junping site is situated 160 meters over the wide River Bhote Koshi. The site is located close to the Nepal-Tibet border at Barahbise and is a three-hour bus ride from Kthmandu. A package deal includes the jump, bus ride to the site, and even meals. Nepalese are entitled to a 30 percent discount. Accommodation and other facilities are available in Barahbise.

Trekking in Tibet

Tibet is a land of mystery, adventure and spirituality; a home of legends, long closed to the outside world.
However, in 1980, Tibet's doors were inched open, giving the world its first glimpse of the country's breathtakingly beautiful landscape. Today, visitors are drawn to the country's spectacular Buddhist temples, ancient cities, enduring traditions and spectacular mountain scenery.

We offer many different types of tour to Tibet, with a range of hotels to suit every pocket. What's more, as we understand that a visit to this special country is a highly personal experience, we can also arrange a tour to meet your specific needs. For more information on tours to Tibet contact us.

Other Activities in Nepal